Friday, November 18, 2011

Why are so many bleeding heart liberal women on this forum.?

Why are there so many women on here defending liberal agendas.. are white women in on something us white guys dont know...

Is it really such a horrible thing that I say I'm proud to be white... shitt crusify me for thinking my race has contributed so much to mankind...accuse of not being politicly correct and pointing out the obvious..that black people are a burdun on are economy,,they drain the welfare system,, and a kid every year..they rob.. steal..and kill and the statictics clearly reveal all of this so why bother denying it...

Are white women in some kind of secret consperacy to oust the White man from what hes worked so hard for....

are white women Anti white male.... it seams as if they along with the aclu and several rights groups such as latino and black orginazation insist on making are life a living hell?

white women have become such a desgrace,,for the white community it aint even funny... We give them equal right and they just spit in our face just like blacks

Why are so many bleeding heart liberal women on this forum.?
ok ... what is it about being a white male that makes you think it's just so damn hunky dory ... personally I am a PERSON FIRST .. THEN I AM A GENDER ... then it breaks off into other areas .. like being a wife and mother and a full time Public servant .. the MOST unimportant thing to me ABOUT me .. is the colour ( or rather lack there of ) of my skin ....

I DON'T NEED to wear the colour of my skin as a badge of honour .. is there nothing ELSE about yourself you have pride in ... OTHER than SOMETHING you had NO CONTROL of being ???

explain to me WHY being white makes YOU better than ANYBODY else and I might understand what the hell you are whining about.
Reply:I must say, I partially agree with the asker. White women (myself excluded) have purposly lowered their intellegence, skill, and morality of lifestyle to conform with that of the modern african-american man. They have even - pardon me for saying so - lowered their driving skills! Report It

skin rash

Anybody have input on Bleeding Heart Tattoos in Lees Summit MO?

Good or Bad? Thinking of having first tat done there.

Anybody have input on Bleeding Heart Tattoos in Lees Summit MO?
no i dont sorry
Reply:I'm from the Missouri boot hill , don't know anything about the shop you are talking about ,

but we do have a really talented artiest down in Sikeston, it is called monster tattoo shop

How long before these bleeding heart liberals start strapping ball bearings on and earn their virgins?

I served in Vietnam. Where did you seve? I'll bet you're another chikenhawk neocon who hasn't the balls to make it through basic training but love to point fingers.

How long before these bleeding heart liberals start strapping ball bearings on and earn their virgins?
Liberals don't earn anything for themselves. Silly boy.
Reply:like the right wing fundie wackos who blow up abortion clinics and federal buildings? you beat us to it!
Reply:It's a shame that some people choose to ignore facts and attack those who represent the truth. So-called "bleeding heart liberals" do not sympathize with terrorists and it is ignorant to assume that they do simply because an administration and party that rules by terror and fear says so.

P.S. - The Quran has no mention of the "virgins" in which republicans and a *minority* of Muslims believe. Not all Muslims are suicide bombers, just like not all Christians bomb abortion clinics and picket at our fallen soldiers' funerals.
Reply:Because were intelligent enough to pick up virgin's the normal way its you retarded neocons that need to blow yourselfs up to get a virgin or any woman or man.
Reply:liberals wouldn`t even step up to the plate to protect their own family!
Reply:99% of liberals give the rest a bad name
Reply:They're almost there!
Reply:all you can do is run and call names... you're a third grader...


just shouting "TERRORISTS" isn't enough...
Reply:how long before you cons start pulling your heads out of your butts and realize your regressive strategies are failing?
Reply:The same day you do.
Reply:How long before you stick your head out of your goat's a*s and recognize that repukelicans are responsible for their own miseries and ignorance.
Reply:I can't remember the last time anyone on this site posted such intelligent stuff, you must be well educated, it sure is refreshing to have such smart people out here for a change. Thank you.

Where are all the bleeding heart ultraliberals when I need them?

By raising a previous question about what I consider to be the laxity of gun control laws and raising the possibility that the Va. shootings may be related to sickos and unstable criminal types being allowed to carry weapons, I got twenty answers from assorted gun nuts, probably none with any military or law enforcement experience decrying the push to control their supposed right to hold concealed weapons. It was only then that I realized there are more nuts on the lunatic right fringe than on the ultraliberal communist fringe lurking on these boards. Having served and protected this country more than once, I now realize there are some dangerous people out there encouraged by equally dangerous sideline boosters.

Where are all the bleeding heart ultraliberals when I need them?
I told you so.

This Yahoo thingie is filled with the Ultra Cons/Bible Thumping ignorant fools.

Got to recruit us more Libs to this site.
Reply:Listen to you like you're some sort of scientific pollster. Well, here's a view from the real world:

The problem isn't that we need more laws. What we need are fewer liberal judges who won't let the current laws be enforced. I arrested a 14 year old kid, in a public school, with a loaded .25 automatic in his pocket, a felony. When it went to trial, this uber-lib judge dismissed the charges because the gun was malfunctioning. Don't get me wrong, the gun would still shoot. It was just that you had to rack the slide after each shot. Before the trial could begin the judge put the kid on the stand, over the objections of the prosecutor, and asked the kid:

You just found this gun and were going to turn it in, weren't you? and of course, the kid said yes.

Three years later, and after a lot more arrests, this kid was killed in a shoot-out with the Police after an armed robbery.

Guns don't kill people, bleeding-heart ultra-liberals kill people.
Reply:YEAH!!!!!!!!!, what he said (conner g)

....and what "ret roch cop" says....everything except that last line......i dont want to make this a political thing.....

liberals, consevertives, we need to find a solution as americans and do something
Reply:I am a gun owning liberal - I don't know any criminal in history who has been stopped by a gun control law. And those shootings were definitely related to at least one "sicko" - duh - but to insinuate politics in to the already murky waters of this situation is beyond ridiculous. -k-
Reply:I have served in the Military (Vietnam) and retired from NYPD. In all my experience I never came across a situation involving a LEGAL GUN. Ted Kennedy"s car has killed more people than my gun. Law abiding citizens have a right to bear arms. If you blame legitimate people for gun violence you are way out of line. Licensed gun dealers sell guns to unlicensed people and then report the gun they sold as stolen. When the criminal is caught with the illegal gun the liberal courts slap them on the wrist. Get the liberal Judges out of the courts and the liberal Legislators out of Congress and impose real penalties and laws that work. Those gun dealers that engage in illegal practice should be jailed instead of fined. Once again some fool has a cure all (punish all) answer to the gun violence. How about some original thinking for once.
Reply:What has military or law enforcement experience got to do with anything? This is a question of a citizen's right to bear arms. Calling everyone "nuts" merely tends to highlight your lack of an ability to debate in a reasoned manner.
Reply:I too have served my country and I have also served my community as a Police Officer. Unless I am mistaken, By US Federal Law, Unstable Criminal types and Unstable people in general, are prohibited from buying or owning firearms. I would suggest that you go to a gun dealership and ask to see a Firearm buyers application form. I also have yet to see a bonifide police officer or any law abiding citizen be a "sideline booster" by encouraging criminals to own guns. While I fully agree that there are some nuts that should not own guns can and do get their hands on them ILLEGALLY, Identifying those same criminals and then actually enacting blanket laws and expecting the criminally insane to abide by them are virtually impossible. I don't have the answers and obviously, neither do you. But what I do know, to start screaming incoherently about needing MORE gun control on the heals of such a huge tragic event such as the VA. Tech. shootings will do absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Agree or disagree, that's my thoughts on the subject.

O Please help a bleeding heart!?

Ahh. We were going strong for a month. I know it isn't long but we both felt like we were perfect for eachother. One night it was "Night baby, I love you!" Next day, "well...I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore." That was 2 months ago. I can't get over her. I'm 16 don't know much about heartbreak. Been through it once but that was a long time ago. I thought for sure I was over her. But I keep falling in love with her. Why?? It's happened 4 times now. I haven't gotten over her. I want to, I need to, this is just killin me. I saw her with another guy, that tore me up. I don't cry often. But I've cried 3 times in the past month. I can't find someone else. There's no girl here that I really click with. They just aren't my type. How can I get over her? How can I stop this pain? It hurts so bad!! Share with me some of your stories. Thanks in advance.

O Please help a bleeding heart!?
Well my friend, your story sounded like a flashback from my life, same age even. I was lucky enough to be quite popular in high school, and as a result, was asked out by the girl for every relationship I ever had (I was rather shy with girls despite my popularity). However, the first one cheated on me while on a Biology trip, with some Brazilian guy she met for a day. Had to have my best friend tell me about it...but she felt so bad that couldnt tell me straight...she scrambled the word CHEATED for me (sounds silly in retrospect though...she meant so well by it though).

Literally torn in half by this, being it was my first GF, I sought solice in my many female friends. They were rather supportive, and I fell hard for another one. A summer of charm and her and I went out in the fall. This relationship was the one that parallels the one you told about. Left Homecoming dance with hugs, kisses, 'I had a great time', 'I love you!', came in Monday to a cold, and distant girl. Turns out she met someone over the weekend and she didn't feel that way for me anymore. Torn again, I kinda just brushed it off with other activities...but a few months passed and she tired of the guy she left me for, and came back for me. I happily accepted.....only to be torn apart.....again....a month later. She nearly got me a third time...but I finally "manned" up, and told her how I felt about what she'd done, about her and us, and about her.

This led to my 3rd "GF", a gorgeous friend of mine who helped me through the above BS that girl put me through. One day, while playing N64 no less, things just got...busy...between us, and I fell pretty hard for her, and she was totally into me. I felt slight guilt over this one though, as she was currently taken by a guy, though he was a genuine *** (who tells a girl their newly done nails look like ****...really????) A month of makeout bliss with this beauty and I thought I had it made...until she left me, pretty much for telling her I loved her (not in that needy sort of tone, but a deeper love...based on both our current relationship and our past few years of close friendship), and she left the guy she was with as well...for an even bigger *** (I heard he may have even hit her...the bastard).

All these official heartbreaks, coupled with heartbreaks with girls I never got a chance to go out with, but only crushed on (1 for SIX years!!) So...I know my share of heartbreak...seems especially devastating in the high school setting...but it passes, it always does. My advice? Take it with a grain of salt. CERTAINLY not as easy as it sounds. My mom had said with my first GF that it doesnt last...and I hated her for saying that at the time...but she was right. Don't let ANY girls get you that down. THEY....ARE....NOT....WORTH....IT. Hell, even thought of killing myself over a few...what a trip they put me through. I know where you're coming from man, there were many heartless...bitches...for lack of a better term in high school...but there were always people to support you after the matter as well. In my case, these girls lost face when they did it to me...I was like a martyr to the

Don't go back to this girl though. I went through that charade and it ALWAYS ended badly. Move on, find another girl (trust me, they're out there, I'm married now at 22) and keep kickin.

Lastly, probably the least constructive advice though, possibly channel the sorrow to anger. Dont go bombing a church or anything, but beat the hell out of something, or shoot things (things not people...). I was lucky enough to get some aggression out in the Army as Infantry but that may be a bit overboard for most. Just hang in there man, and just know that your a part of a HUGE club of brokenhearted fellows.

Sorry for the long-winded answer, but trust me when I know exactly how you feel.
Reply:Son, I am 57 and recently fell in love. But this love has been breaking my heart for four weeks now. I don't know the reason for this, but I have read that it results from disproportionate feeling toward each other. I have very strong feelings for her, but her feelings are less intense, and that is the source of my heartbreak, I believe. There are only two things to do: 1) read Dr. Love's system; and 2) find as many significant others as you can, and discover how wonderful nice girls can be in your life. I doubt that your flame intentionally hurt you, but you (and I) must go forward with our lives; and there are many wonderful women out there who will help you along the way. God bless
Reply:u are still young...focus on your study and that will fill up your time fast. maybe you didn't have a proper closure with her so you can't get over. or u have something else unsatisfactory so instead of enjoying your life, you switch your problem from what you wanna avoid and focused on her instead. talk to her to find out why she ended it and why you can't get over with her...then move sports and study hard. shift your attention to something else...develop new hobbies~
Reply:Ah, and the saga begins.

My friend, yes you are young, but that pain you're feeling right now doesn't get any better as you get older. I'm about 20 years older than you and have felt what you are feeling at least 4 times! These things are going to sound corny and weak, but it's the truth.

Don't be afraid to cry. Many times (not so long ago in fact), I've laid down in the fetal position and cried my eyes out, weeks on end. I have an active life, and I remember coming home from work and thinking "now what?" The pain is so excrutiating that it becomes overwhelming. You can't sleep, you can't eat, you don't want to do anything, yet are terrified of being bored to tears. Sound familiar? We all go through it. And, I'm sure, we all think that no one else can possibly feel this pain. It's not supposed to hurt THIS badly.

And don't you just love the advice from your friends? "Just forget about her", "Move on", "Just get over it", lol. I almost tossed my best friend out of a bar one night when he gave me such ill-thought out advice!

Anyway, having said all that. Here's some advice you can choose to follow or not. It worked for me.

1. Keep smiling no matter how miserable it makes you feel. Sooner or later your body WILL follow.

2. Don't make her out to be more than she is. I'm sure she was great, but it's human nature to build her into a mountain when you can't have her. Don't build a delusion.

3. This sounds extremely harsh, but it works. Pretend she's dead and you'll never see her again. I mean, actually pretend this is true.

Lastly, if there is any chance in hell that you two will get back together, here's a definite. Treat it like a wound. The more you scratch it, the more it bleeds. It'll only heal if you leave it alone.

No offense to the ladies (I realize us men have corky traits too), but, don't try to understand why. It'll drive you insane! It is what it is. Once you realize and become strong enough to deal with that, then your healing will begin.

Good luck, and keep ya head up! We're all pulling for ya.
Reply:There is nothing wrong with being single, hun. And I will tell you this, revel in being single. Wait until you are done with high school to worry about relationships. And if you are planning on going to college, let me tell you, that is the best place to find someone. There is nothing anyone else can say or do to make it better. You just have to grow and be stronger. Don't hold onto something that won't ever happen because you might miss out on something better. Hugs.
Reply:Been there. No easy answers. Change your routine. It helps to change where you go, and when to reduce to the chance of running into her. It's hard but you have got to be strong and I know you can do it. Pick your head up and smile like you've got a secret. Try and tell yourself you are better off without her. I say that because it did soulnd like she was only hanging with you until what she thought as something better came along. So, don't take her back. Put her picture in an old box of stuff and put it in the garage or basement or attic. Out of sight, out of mind. You don't want to through it away because one day when it doesn't hurt, it'll be a nice piece of memorabilia to have in your year book. But, Dude. You need to get busy. I don't care if it's playing raquetball, soccer, or football, get some friends together and play some sports or get an afterschool job at an out of the way used book store. The busier you are, the less time you're going to have to think about "What's her name." Get it. You never know, the Right girl for you could tap you on the shoulder and say, "Excuse me, what section can I find books on the civil war?" You never know. It's destiny....


If I captured a bleeding-heart liberal...?

...who liked to report questions that are too scary for him/her to answer, what do you think that I would do to him/her?

If I captured a bleeding-heart liberal...?
make them watch the PETA "How they kill chickens" video over and over and watch them cry themselves into insanity. Brewhahahaha!
Reply:Lets start a new rule - anyone who is caught standing in front of a prison fighting for a prisoners "right" to live, on the night they are supposed to die, has to go in to that prison and TAKE A CRIMINAL HOME with them before leaving the premises.

They CANT answer questions - that's why they have to sneak around and "judge" everyone else!
Reply:And if I found a fire-and-brimstone Christian Right 'you're going to hell' Conservative, I'll smoke some pot with him and forgive him for being a major *sshole.

The base of our bleeding heart is yellowing we live in central jersey?

Bleeding heart plants die back slowly after they are finished blooming. Let nature take its course.

The base of our bleeding heart is yellowing we live in central jersey?
I'm not sure of any parasites or diseases that could be to blame in NJ, but if you've gotten a lot of rain, or water your plants too often, they may yellow.